Classic Car Insurance in Nevada

It is exciting to purchase or restore a classic car. As you get ready to hit the car show circuit, there is one thing you need to do first, and that is to obtain a classic car insurance policy so that the investment you have made is protected.

In Nevada, the same rules apply to your classic car as to other vehicles if you drive it on the public roadways. This means you will have to obtain at least liability insurance in case of an accident, but when it comes to classic cars, you should have much more insurance than that provides. The agents at the Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV understand how important it is for you to have the proper coverage for your classic car.

To be considered a classic car in Nevada, your vehicle must be between 25 and 50 years old. It also needs to be distinctive, meaning it should be a vintage car, exotic or luxury vehicle, a vintage military vehicle, a muscle car, or a hot rod. Keep in mind that while normal cars lose their value as soon as you drive them off the lot, classic vehicles go up in value over time. If you restore and maintain your classic car properly, it will increase in value even more.

When it comes to classic car insurance, you need to obtain the same coverage types that you would for any other vehicle, including property damage, liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Still, the value of your classic car is based upon an agreed value of your vehicle instead of the actual cash value that regular cars and trucks are based upon. When it comes to classic cars, part of the insurance requirements will limit how many miles you can drive per year. For example, you will be able to drive it to car shows and parades but not to the grocery store.

The classic car insurance agents at the Leo Insurance Group in Las Vegas, NV are ready to assist you with all of your classic car insurance needs. Please call for a quote today to get your policy started.

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